The Practical Test

Driving Test 6The DVA Driving Test

The night before your test, get a good nights sleep and try to get time to relax for an hour or two prior to your instructor collecting you for the pre-test lesson.
Upon commencement of the test, the examiner will ask you to read a vehicle number plate from approximately 20.5m and then ask you 2 questions relating to the vehicle. Your instructor will provide you with a copy of the questions a few weeks before your test.

The practical driving test is approximately 40 minutes long

During this time the examiner will try to ensure that you cover a wide variety of different road conditions.
From quiet low speed roads to busy high speed roads and town or city center driving.

You will also be required to undertake 2 of the 5 set manoeuvres listed below, plus the new section called the independent drive which lasts for about ten minutes, where the examiner will get you to pull up at the roadside and give you a series of directions to follow, this is not a memory test so if you forget any of the directions as you drive, there is no penalty for asking them to remind you of a direction, IE did you say second left on this road please

Emergency Stop: everyone has to complete this one, plus one of the following

  1. Turn In The Road
  2. Left Reverse
  3. Parallel Park
  4. Bay Park

You need to show you can drive competently and safely.

To pass, you will have to complete the test with NO serious faults and you must have 15 or fewer minor faults.

The Test Centre

  1. You must take the following items with you to the test
  2. Your theory test certificate
  3. Both parts of your driving licence.
  4. Vehicle Registration document (provided by your instructor).
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