Partly Trained Classes

431007_394600597260883_1764412112_nWhat Do You Want Right Now

The last thing you want to do is to start your driving lessons all over again from the start

Many driving schools with their special offers make you do exactly that – we’re different!

You want a driving school who can understand exactly how good you are, and to define what areas you need to develop without wasting your time and your money.

Getting Your Driving Licence

On your first driving lesson we’ll ask what you can do, and you can show us.
Please also share with us what you feel is important, and from this driving lesson we’ll help you plan your route to passing your driving test.

Saving Money

Because we plan your driving lessons based upon your skill, you save money straight away and it’s more than a case of not having to start from scratch.

You see as your skills develop, so does your confidence and it is possible you will need fewer lessons than expected – if you stick to our jointly agreed learning plan.

Our Experience Is Your Benefit

For years ASM driving instructors have been helping learner drivers pass their driving test.
Many learners have come from other driving schools due to dissatisfaction with their Driving instructor.

The reason why we are different at ASM is because of our experience, and we can pass that on to you for your benefit.

Passing Your Theory Test

As you are partly trained there is a chance you have passed your theory test already – and if that is the case, a big well done!
However if you need to practice click here to use our free and unlimited help.

You can practice your theory test as much as you want, and you will make sure you have the knowledge to pass first time in real life.

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