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First things first, right now you probably don’t feel too good about yourself and the situation you are in, but you can change that with our support.

It’s a horrible feeling to fail your driving test, and if you think you are going to fail again your confidence can be at an all time low.

At ASM we are going to help you put a stop to that and getting you on the road to success and the driving licence you crave.

Getting Your Driving Licence

We need to understand your situation, because this will be your starting point. Together, we’ll work out what your problems are and turn them into achievable challenges.

Soon you’ll be feeling ready to pass your test.

Why Do People Fail?

People mainly fail for two reasons; a lack of preparation which can cause a lack of confidence or create too much confidence based upon poor skills.

Once you go to your driving test with ASM you’ll have two big factors fighting for you.

Firstly you will be prepared and secondly you’ll have the confidence and self belief in your own ability.We have so much experience; there isn’t anything we have not seen.
Many pupils have joined ASM because they have failed their driving test elsewhere and now want an expert

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