Crash Course Intensive

Intensive course are very much design625469_394602707260672_567628603_ned around the clients particular needs, therefore it is difficult to advise on a set number of lessons ,

ASM will always endeavor to plan a course that suits the individual.

With that in mind we suggest that you have an assessment Driving lesson with one of our Driving instructors, and based on this the instructor and you can discuss a suitable plan, the assessment costs £22.00.

Once agreement is reached a deposit of 25% of the projected total must be paid, the balance at the start of the course.

The reason for this is that the Driving Instructor will have cleared his diary to cover all of your lessons, which can be up to 5 hours per day dependant on your lesson plan and test date.

The next step is for you to pass your theory test, and then book your practical driving test, at this point you will start your driver training this will usually be, One Two or Three weeks away from the test date dependant on how many hours training you have agreed with the Driving instructor.

The hourly rate for intensive course Driving lessons is £18.50.

Call us today to discuss your requirements..

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