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Choosing a driving school in Newtownabbey

 Choosing a driving school in Newtownabbey can be a bit of a lottery these days and its important you make the right choice and get maximum value for your hard-earned money;


To allow you to evaluate our services. we are pleased to offer you our Try Us And See Deal, 10Hrs for just £189.00, No catch, no commitment. At the end of your driving lessons you can either book further lessons or walk away,no harm done, no bad feelings. There will be no hard sell, we let the quality of our service speak for itself.

£25 / 1 Hour Single Lesson

The Practical Test Cost

Tests Day

Some test centres operate Saturday tests
and in mid summer, when it is light, evening tests at an extra

A weekday practical test costs £45.50 and weekend tests cost £62.50.

Booking The Practical Test

Booking by Phone

If you wish to book an appointment for a practical driving test for a private car or motorcycle, you may book by telephone from 08.00 to 19.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 13.00 Saturday.
0845 247 2472 (calls charged at local rate)  *Calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.
If you are booking for any other category of test, you will need to make an application by post or at the counter.
When making a telephone booking you do not need an application form but it is advisable to have your provisional driving licence, your theory test certificate and credit/debit card details handy when
making the call.

Booking by Post

You may book any category of test by post. You will need to complete an application form and send it with the appropriate fee to the DVTA test centre at which you would like the test to be carried out.
You can obtain an application form by contacting any DVTA test centre or by telephoning:
028 9068 1831

Booking at Counter

You may book any category of test in person. You will need to complete an application form and take it with the appropriate fee to the DVTA test centre at which you would like the test to be carried out.
The Belfast centre is open for booking from
9.00 to 4.00, Monday to Friday.
All other centres are open from 8.45 to
12.30 and 1.15 to 4.00, Monday to Friday.
You can obtain an application form by contacting

Exclusive Deal

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Try Us And See Deal 10 x 1Hour lessons £189

Choosing a driving school in Newtownabbey can be a bit of a lottery these days and its important you make the right choice and get maximum value for your hard-earned money;

We know you have a choice and we would like to help you make the correct one. At  ASM  we offer the very best in driving tuition in Newtownabbey. All ASM instructors are fully qualified and enjoy high pass  rates.We pride ourselves in going that extra mile to ensure quality and value for our clients. With an ASM instructor you will never look back (unless its in the rear-view mirror of course!)

To allow you to evaluate our services. we are pleased to offer you our Try Us And See Deal, 10Hrs for just £189.00, No catch, no commitment. At the end of your driving lessons you can either book further lessons or walk away,no harm done, no bad feelings. There will be no hard sell, we let the quality of our service speak for itself.
Are you ready to get on the road to driving success?

Be the best, choose the best; choose an ASM driving Instructor.
Call me Now on 0333 210 3001.
10x 1Hr at £189.00 try us and see deal offer open to complete beginners, or persons who have had one or two lessons with an ADI more than six months prior to joining us.

£189/ 10 x 1 Hour lessons

Block Bookings

181105_394600927260850_359702108_nWhat you want to do is pass your driving test.
Notice I didn’t say take driving lessons- big difference!
You see we will help you to get your driving licence,
our driving instructors want to see you PASS your driving Test First Time.

Here's How...
It all starts off with our try us and see deal, to see how quickly you learn to drive, and also to make sure you have the skills to pass your theory test,if you haven’t done so already. We can help you with our Theory Test resources.

This will also allow you time to familiarise yourself with the car and our style of teaching so you can decide if we are compatible before booking any further lessons.
For your safety and reassurance, all our driving instructors are CRB checked and FULLY qualified.

Want to revise your driving lessons at home on your computer? we can now film your driving lesson onto an SD card so you can recap at home. 

£118 / 5 Hours

£225 / 10 Hours

£285 / 15 Hours

£360 / 20 Hours

The Practical Test

Driving Test 6The DVA Driving Test

The night before your test, get a good nights sleep and try to get time to relax for an hour or two prior to your instructor collecting you for the pre-test lesson.
Upon commencement of the test, the examiner will ask you to read a vehicle number plate from approximately 20.5m and then ask you 2 questions relating to the vehicle. Your instructor will provide you with a copy of the questions a few weeks before your test.

The practical driving test is approximately 40 minutes long

During this time the examiner will try to ensure that you cover a wide variety of different road conditions.
From quiet low speed roads to busy high speed roads and town or city center driving.

You will also be required to undertake 2 of the 5 set manoeuvres listed below, plus the new section called the independent drive which lasts for about ten minutes, where the examiner will get you to pull up at the roadside and give you a series of directions to follow, this is not a memory test so if you forget any of the directions as you drive, there is no penalty for asking them to remind you of a direction, IE did you say second left on this road please

Emergency Stop: everyone has to complete this one, plus one of the following

  1. Turn In The Road
  2. Left Reverse
  3. Parallel Park
  4. Bay Park

You need to show you can drive competently and safely.

To pass, you will have to complete the test with NO serious faults and you must have 15 or fewer minor faults.

The Test Centre

  1. You must take the following items with you to the test
  2. Your theory test certificate
  3. Both parts of your driving licence.
  4. Vehicle Registration document (provided by your instructor).

Money Back Guarantee

Sounds too good to be true

We know how hard it is for learner drivers to find the right driving school,
everyone claims they are the best
who do you believe?

We Talk the Talk, and Walk the Walk

As we are that confident we can help you
achieve your aim of passing your driving test
each driving lesson comes with its own money back guarantee,

How Does It Work

The guarantee applies to the driving lesson you have just taken,
if you are not happy and do not want to continue with ASM driving schools
just say so, and we’ll hand you the cash back.

No Other School Does This

You have to ask why is it only ASM driving schools who do this?
Because we have the skills and confidence
to back up our claims that we think we are the best
driving school you can find.

 All you need to do is call 07801 475959

Driving Test Rescue

Getting You Back On Track431007_394600597260883_1764412112_n

First things first, right now you probably don’t feel too good about yourself and the situation you are in, but you can change that with our support.

It’s a horrible feeling to fail your driving test, and if you think you are going to fail again your confidence can be at an all time low.

At ASM we are going to help you put a stop to that and getting you on the road to success and the driving licence you crave.

Getting Your Driving Licence

We need to understand your situation, because this will be your starting point. Together, we’ll work out what your problems are and turn them into achievable challenges.

Soon you’ll be feeling ready to pass your test.

Why Do People Fail?

People mainly fail for two reasons; a lack of preparation which can cause a lack of confidence or create too much confidence based upon poor skills.

Once you go to your driving test with ASM you’ll have two big factors fighting for you.

Firstly you will be prepared and secondly you’ll have the confidence and self belief in your own ability.We have so much experience; there isn’t anything we have not seen.
Many pupils have joined ASM because they have failed their driving test elsewhere and now want an expert

Partly Trained Classes

431007_394600597260883_1764412112_nWhat Do You Want Right Now

The last thing you want to do is to start your driving lessons all over again from the start

Many driving schools with their special offers make you do exactly that – we’re different!

You want a driving school who can understand exactly how good you are, and to define what areas you need to develop without wasting your time and your money.

Getting Your Driving Licence

On your first driving lesson we’ll ask what you can do, and you can show us.
Please also share with us what you feel is important, and from this driving lesson we’ll help you plan your route to passing your driving test.

Saving Money

Because we plan your driving lessons based upon your skill, you save money straight away and it’s more than a case of not having to start from scratch.

You see as your skills develop, so does your confidence and it is possible you will need fewer lessons than expected – if you stick to our jointly agreed learning plan.

Our Experience Is Your Benefit

For years ASM driving instructors have been helping learner drivers pass their driving test.
Many learners have come from other driving schools due to dissatisfaction with their Driving instructor.

The reason why we are different at ASM is because of our experience, and we can pass that on to you for your benefit.

Passing Your Theory Test

As you are partly trained there is a chance you have passed your theory test already – and if that is the case, a big well done!
However if you need to practice click here to use our free and unlimited help.

You can practice your theory test as much as you want, and you will make sure you have the knowledge to pass first time in real life.

Saving and Voucher Scheme

Gift VoucherA full course of Driving lessons can be costly, and like any  large purchase a savings plan can help offset the burden. ASM have introduced a savings and voucher scheme to help our clients  prepare for their driving  lessons . Vouchers can be purchased in multiples of £5.00 up to £100.They can be purchased here or from any ASM instructor

Start saving at 16 years old and you may well have enough to cover all your driving lessons, theory test cost, driving test fee and hire of Driving school car for test.

Buy the vouchers as gifts for someone who is planning to have Driving lessons with ASM or is already on a course of Driving lessons with us. 

Vouchers can be used to purchase any of our special deals, or part pay for single lessons.

Vouchers will be redeemed at their face value for driving lessons only, and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Any excess value in a clients account after they have passed their driving test with us will be returned by the driving instructor who accepted the vouchers as payment.

Insurance For Drivers


Are you taking lessons with  ASM Driving School? Or maybe they have just helped you pass your test? or maybe you just found us online.

Now ASM have done their bit, we want to do our bit too by offering  you up to 50% off your car insurance with our exclusive Road safe

Reward App - perfect for new drivers!

You can read all about it below!Click on the character to find out more.When you get your quote, don’t forget to mention ASM Driving School so we can thank them for their referral